Royal Pride CrossFit Programming

Royal Pride CrossFit’s programming revolves around a 2 week period and each WOD (Workout of the Day) is put forward to maximize your fitness without that period. We recommend athletes to participate in at least 4 WODs per week so they can receive the full benefit of the programming.

It is our goal to constantly vary our WODs with consistent focus on the goals across our domains. Programming is based on the following domains:  Load, Time, Total Reps, Scheme, Task vs. Time, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and Mono-structural. Within each of these domains there are numerous areas of focus.  Some of the focus areas have more functional benefit than other areas and are weighed higher in our development of the monthly program (i.e. single scheme workouts have their importance but we mostly live in the couplets, triplets, and greater than 4 movements or “chippers”. Heavy or 1 rep max days are extremely important but we limit these WODs to 2-3x per week).

Throughout the month, a mapping process is developed as we look at each of the domains and the areas within each domain to develop WODs that provide an elite fitness program for all, while consistently and appropriately covering all the domains and the areas within those domains. It is rare that you will ever see the same exact workout (all domains and areas presented are exactly identical) in a 6 month period unless it is a benchmark workout or a 1 rep max day.

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