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A CrossFit experience for athletes of every level.

Royal Pride trainers are dedicated to providing a safe, encouraging, and challenging  workout

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It’s easy to track your progress with named events, timed events, and individual workbooks.


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Royal Pride CrossFit has an easily accessible location in Oxnard.


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Royal Pride trainers care. About your fitness, your diet, and how hard to push you.







Royal Pride CrossFit

Royal Pride CrossFit in Oxnard is growing fast. Maybe it’s because we care about every single person’s fitness potential. Maybe it’s because we take a certain pride in turning those people who doubted their strength into being stronger than ever. Whatever the case may be, have an easy to access Oxnard CrossFit location, great equipment, and dedicated trainers that genuinely care about your fitness.

Royal Pride CrossFit will make you feel better about you, every day.

There’s nothing scary about CrossFit, it’s a great workout for everyone because we scale it to your capacity. Our WODs challenge, and I guarantee you’ll feel pushed to get better every class.

Gil Campuzano


Our top priority is your safety and health! I’ve been coaching Crossfit for over 5 years now and love everyday I get the opportunity of helping someone get more fit!

Emmanuel Campuzano


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